Projector use maintenance tips Leave a comment

1. The projector lamp uses a mercury lamp, which is made of glass and has a high pressure inside. The mercury lamp may burst during use or when it is 
   vibrated. When the bulb bursts, its glass fragments will scatter in the light box, and some mercury-containing gas will leak out. People should not 
   inhale the gas they emit as much as possible, nor let the gas enter the eyes and mouth.
2. Discard the used bulbs and pay attention to the location without damaging the bulb.
3. Never use the projector with the lamp cover removed.
4. Add a signal amplifier after the signal source to ensure that the signal is transmitted for more than 20 meters without answering the camera. After it is 
   cooled (usually takes about 20 minutes), it can be used again.
5. After replacing the new lamp, reset the lamp timer. Otherwise, the projector's message prompt function will not work.
6. The lens of the projector should be cleaned with lens paper. Do not touch it with your hands or other things.
7. When the projector is used for a period of time (about every 100 hours), the air filter should be cleaned in time. If the dirt cannot be removed or the 
   air filter is damaged, a new air filter needs to be replaced.
8. The projector case needs to be cleaned after a long time (about two years). Wipe gently with a soft cloth. If the stain or dust is not easy to wipe off, 
   wipe it with a cloth dampened with water or a mild detergent. Then dry it with a dry, soft cloth
9. The projector is required to be used in a fixed manner. Never move the projector during use.


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