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Some people say: "Light is the sun on the stage." Some people say: "Light is the magician of the stage." These statements have some truth.
In fact, this is true. Although the stage lighting can't be touched, it can be seen. Its colorful, light and dark, strong and weak changes can create a 
colorful world of stage art and create a miraculous miracle.
If it is analyzed in detail, the artistic functions of stage lighting mainly have the following aspects:
First, express emotional emotions
Stage lights can express different emotions through changes in color lights. Under normal circumstances, the red light is cheerful, happy, and enthusiastic; 
the dark light symbolizes emotions such as darkness, depression, tension, and horror; the blue light expresses emotions such as peace and tranquility; the 
green light symbolizes youth, I hope to wait for emotional, and so on.
For example, the drama "Harbin under the night", the overall style of the stage lighting is gray, which shows the resentment and repressed emotions of the 
people of Harbin under the Japanese invaders; and the stage of the drama "The Autumn of Sorrow and Happiness" The lights, after smashing the "Gang of Four", 
use the warm red light to show the joy of the people.
Second, create a typical environment
Stage lighting can create different typical environments through various artistic means and technical means.
For example, in the Longjiang drama "The Absurdity of the Tang Dynasty", the "Soul Traveling Wild Mountain" is a stage where the stage lighting uses 
stroboscopic lights, laser lights and other artistic and technical means to create the dream and wildness of the male protagonist Jia Baoyu. A grotesque, 
weird, mysterious typical environment.
In the four acts of "Spring Poetry", "Xia Qu", "Autumn Remarks" and "Winter Fu" in the drama "Bo Huo", the stage lights use green lights to create the male 
protagonist Tang Bohu (寅). The typical environment; the red light creates the typical environment of the Tang Bohu gold list title; the yellow light creates
 the typical environment of Tang Bohu’s painful grief after being framed; the white light creates Tang Bohu’s “white and earth is really clean” situation. 
The typical environment of a lifetime.
As for the two dramatic scenes of the "Jade Jade Burning Manuscript" and "Bao Yu Cheng" in the Yue Opera "Dream of Red Mansions", the two different 
environments are created by the use of gray and red lights, which is a classic of lighting design. Weighed.
Third, the assembly of the drama structure
Stage lighting can sometimes play an important role in the structure of the drama, just like the "montage" in the film art.
For example, by using "cutting light" or "dark turning" lighting means, different drama scenes can be skillfully combined to make the drama performance 
compact and quick and easy to convert.
Another example is the use of different "chasing light" to create different performance areas on the same stage, and to achieve the artistic effect of "same 
place on the same stage" and "same time on the same stage."
Another example is the use of lighting changes to express dream scenes such as dreams, hallucinations, memories, and flashbacks.
Fourth, shaping the character image
The stage lighting is the same as all the elements of the stage art, with the highest purpose of shaping the characters.
For example, if the pink light hits the face of a person, it will be refreshed and full of temperament; while the gray-yellow light hits the face of the 
person, it appears to be ill-conditioned and decadent; the blue-gray light hits the face of the person, and it appears insidious, sinister and sinister.
The most common lighting is an example of the service of shaping characters. It is the “big chasing light” of the most commonly used facial expressions. The 
terminology of the drama is “chasing the light” or “chasing the light” and “following the light” to make the face look like The film's "big close-up" and 
sculptures generally enhance the outstanding artistic role.
Fifth, directly make a set
In the past, the stage lighting served the stage set, that is, the light was shining on the set, adding to the setting.
Now, with the advent of high-tech equipment such as computer lights and laser lights, stage lighting can use these high-tech equipment to directly create 
In summary, we explored the peculiar effects of stage lighting from five aspects, and mastering these five unique effects, stage lighting designers can 
design a variety of stage lighting to make the stage lighting really put on wings. Freedom to fly in the stage world, creating the brilliance and miracle of 
stage art and stage art.


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