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First, the common light position of the stage lighting

In order to configure the professional stage lights, we must first understand the common light level of the stage lamps. This is an important part of the 
correct configuration.
1. Face light: The light that is directed to the stage from the top of the audience is mainly used for the front lighting of the characters and the basic 
   light spreading of the whole.
2, slap: located on the outside of the mouth of the mouth, obliquely cast on the stage of the light, divided into upper and lower layers, the main auxiliary 
   surface light, enhance the facial lighting, increase the three-dimensional sense of people and scenery.
3, column light (also known as side light): the light projected from the inside of the mouth of the mouth, mainly used for the illumination of the two sides 
   of the character or the scene, adding a sense of three-dimensionality and contour.
4, top light: from the top of the stage to the stage of the light, from front to back is divided into a row of top light, two rows of top light, three rows 
   of top light, etc., mainly used for stage lighting, enhance the stage illumination, and there are many scenes Fixed-point illumination of props, mainly 
   relying on top light to solve.
5, backlight: the light projected from the opposite direction of the stage (such as top light, bridge light and other reverse illumination), can outline the 
   contours of people and landscapes, enhance the sense of three-dimensionality and transparency, and can also be used as a specific light source.
6. Bridge Light: The light that is thrown to the stage at the bridge on both sides of the stage is mainly used to assist the column light, enhance the 
   three-dimensional sense, and also be used for the orientation of other light inconvenient projections, and can also be used as a specific light source.
7. Foot light: The light projected from the platen in front of the stage to the stage, mainly assists the surface illumination and eliminates the shadow 
   formed by the face and the jaw of the person illuminated by the high position such as the face light.
8, heaven and earth light: from the sky above and below the sky to the sky, mainly used for the lighting and color changes of the sky.
9. Flowing light: It is located on the flow light stand on both sides of the stage, mainly assisting the bridge light, supplementing the light on the sides 
   of the stage or other specific light.
10, chasing light: the light position required from the auditorium or other positions, mainly used for actors to perform or highlight a certain light, but 
   also for the host, is a close-up of the stage art, play a role in the finishing touch .
Second, commonly used lamps and features
1. Spotlight: It is one of the most widely used main types of lighting on stage lighting. At present, the market has 1KW and 2KW, which is the most widely 
   used 2KW. The illuminating light is concentrated, the edge of the spot is relatively clear, and a part can be highlighted, and an area of ​​the spot can be 
   illuminated to be used as a main light source of the stage, which is often used for light positions such as face light, slap light, and side light.
2, soft light: soft and well-balanced light, can not only highlight a certain part, and there is no blunt spot, easy to connect several lights, common 0.3KW,
   1KW, 2KW and so on. It is mostly used for close-range light positions such as column light and flowing light.
3. Backlight: It is a kind of reflective lamp, which is characterized by hard light quality, high illumination and long range. It is an economical and 
   efficient high-light lamp. The main ones are 0.5KW and 1KW. 2KW, etc., used most at 2KW.
4, astigmatism: light diffused, all said, large projection area, divided into volcano and astigmatism, common 0.5KW, 1KW, 1.25KW, 2KW, etc., mostly used for 
   skylight illumination, can also be used for theater chairman Universal illumination of the station.
5, modeling lamp: the principle between the chasing light and the spotlight, is a special kind of lighting, mainly used for the shape projection of 
   characters and scenery.
6, foot light (also known as strip light): soft light, a wide area. Mainly as a medium-view, net view lighting, cloth color, but also can be used in the 
   position of the entrance to the auxiliary surface lighting.
7, light column lamp (also known as downlight): currently used more widely, such as PAR46, PAR64 and other models. It can be used for lighting of people and 
   scenes. It can also be installed directly on the stage, exposed to the audience, forming a light array, and playing the role of stage decoration and 
8, shooting slides and canopy effect lights: can form an overall picture on the stage canopy, and a variety of special effects, such as: wind, rain, 
   lightning, electricity, water, fire, smoke, clouds and so on.
9. Computer light: This is a kind of intelligent light controlled by DMX512 or RS232 or PMX signal. Its light color, spot and illumination are better than 
   the above conventional lamps. It is a kind of intelligent lamp developed in recent years, often installed in the surface light, The position of the top 
   light, the stage back step, etc., the running color, shape, figure, etc. can be programmed. Due to the different power levels, there are differences in 
   the use on the stage. General low-power computer lights, only suitable for ballroom use. On the stage, low-power computer lighting lines and spots are 
   often talked about by stage spotlights, backlights, etc., so pay special attention to the selection.
10, chasing light: is the stage lighting fixture, characterized by high brightness, using lens imaging, can present a clear spot, by adjusting the focal 
   length, but also can change the spot. There is an activity light bar, which can be easily changed color, and the lamp body can be freely operated. At 
   present, there are many varieties in the market, and the method of labeling indicators is different. The power is the standard such as: 1KW halogen 
   tungsten light source, 1KW xenon light source, 1KW metal halide light source, 2KW metal halide light source, etc. Lights (light intensity, illuminance at 
   a certain distance), such as 8-10m chasing light, 15-30m chasing light, 30-50m chasing light, 50-80m chasing light, etc., and functionally distinguished 
   as: The mechanical follow-up light, its focusing, light bar, color change are all done manually; the other is computer chasing light, its focus, light 
   bar, color change, adjustment color temperature are automatically completed by push-pull electrical appliances, so in Be sure to carefully select various 
   indicators when choosing.
Third, the stage lighting color changer
The design and promotion of the color changer greatly simplifies the number of stage lamps, reduces the labor intensity of the lighting workers, and saves 
the investment amount. Therefore, it is an indispensable device for the current stage configuration. Currently, there are mainly machinery on the market. 
Color changer and electric and color changer.
1. Stage mechanical color changer: Its design is simple and the price is low. It is the mainstream product in the mid-1980s and early 90s, and it is close to
   being eliminated.
2. Stage computer color changer: It is a new type of color changer developed in recent years. It adopts international standard DMX-512 signal output, which 
   can be controlled by dedicated control, or connected to computer dimming station. The characteristics of mode, high precision, large capacity, and long 
   control distance have become the mainstream products of the current market color changer.
Fourth, lighting control equipment
Currently market dimmers, mainly analog dimmers and digital dimmers:
1. Analog dimmer: Using analog dimming technology, the output signal is 0-10V one-to-one output. Generally, the analog dimmer is simple in design, has fewer 
   controller paths, and has a poor dimming curve, but the market price is low, and it is easy to learn to master. It is a mainstream product from the late 
   1970s to the mid-1990s. Commonly there are 3, 6, 9, 12, 18, 24, 60, 120, etc. Each power is 8KW, but there are also 2KW, 4KW, etc. The number is a split 
2, digital dimmer: the use of sound film machine technology, for the DM512 digital signal. The digital dimming station is easy to use (especially large 
   circuit), and its dimming function, backup function, grouping function, dimming curve, etc. are superior to analog dimming stations, and the performance 
   price is reasonable, which is very popular among users. Commonly there are 12 roads, 36 roads, 72 roads, 120 roads, 240 roads, 1000 roads, etc. Each road 
   is mostly 2KW, 4KW, 6KW, 8KW and so on. After understanding the lamp position, lamp characteristics, control equipment and color changer, you can design 
   the correct use plan according to the characteristics of each, the size of the use, the use of lights, and the appropriate conditions.


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