The projector is not a legend, the home theater is indispensable Leave a comment

In our daily life, everyone usually lists TVs as NO.1 for household appliances, and new houses cannot be without it. However, with the development of the 
times, the houses are getting bigger and bigger, and the gatherings are more and more. At this time, everyone is still facing the TV, and it is difficult to 
meet the visual "modern" demand. But few household owners want to replace the TV with a projector. In fact, the projector is a fashion weapon to share 
happiness with friends. In the foreign home garden market, it is already very mature, and at the stage of the number of "fans" in the country, in fact, the 
projector is very approachable, there is no mystery and complexity in the imagination, using the projector to play games and watch movies. Not a legend.


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