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In 2012, the global projector market reached 8 million units, and the growth rate of mainstream models has slowed down. However, the growth of 
micro-projection applications and the improvement of new light source efficiency, no bulb projection is regarded as the next wave of market development. 
The trend of replacing traditional light bulbs with solid-state light sources such as LEDs and lasers is invisible. The projector manufacturer said that 
the proportion of LED projector applications in 2012 is expected to reach 15%, and the projectors for mass production of laser light sources, 2012 The year 
reached 5%.

This is also the case, the major brands in the projector market face the fierce market competition and the intensified price war, re-selected to open up a 
new blue ocean, which is the "no bulb" projection field. As the new light source not only improves the performance of the product, it also contributes to 
the increase in service life and energy saving. In the long run, the new light source technology is expected to replace the traditional light bulb as a new 
generation of projector light source with its unique advantages.

In addition, the advent of new light source products has completely solved the problem of the cost of using the projector. At the same time, the new light 
source product makes the projection operation easier, that is, off and off, without waiting for the shutdown to dissipate heat. In 2011, the projector market
 went into a new era under the LED projectors of Acer, ViewSonic, Lixun and Optoma.
Due to the breakthrough of the bottleneck of LED light source and the introduction of high-definition microchips, the LED projector market has not changed
 much in the past few years and has been changed by more people. This year, various brand manufacturers have also continuously updated new products, and 
successively launched their own new LED products. Such as Lixun QUMI Q5, ViewSonic "small invincible" PLED-W200, ACTO PL411 and so on.
According to LG insiders, in August this year, LG will also launch a new LED new product. The new look is more fashionable, the size is smaller than the 
Lixun QUMI Q2, and the size of the large-size smartphone is as high as 600 lumens. It is the brightest product in the micro projector, but in the end, the 
performance will be sure. Revealed, it will also set off a new round of revolution!

In addition to the LED light source projection market this year, hybrid light sources have become another point of force. For example, Optoma, ViewSonic and 
Acer have launched a new bulbless projector with a maximum brightness of 2000 lumens, further enhancing the practicality of a bulb-free. Through the 
introduction of solid-state light source, it can achieve up to 20,000 to 30,000 hours of use time, which will save the user the cost and labor time of 
replacing the bulb.
In addition, Acer also took the lead in holding a new hybrid light source conference in Beijing. A total of two LED laser hybrid light source projectors, 
K750 and K520, were launched. The 20,000-hour ultra-long lamp life has created a “no lamp replacement” era, reducing subsequent use. The cost allows the 
market to truly appreciate the technological charm of the hybrid light source projector, promote the popularization of the projector's hybrid new light 
source, and inspire the revolution of the projector industry.

As Taiwanese manufacturers continue to force the new light source projector market, as a strong Japanese projector brand, no one has much interest in the 
new light source field, and the attitude is still in the wait-and-see period. However, as laser light sources have made great progress in brightness and
 cost control in recent years, the market production time schedule is expected to be introduced into the market ahead of 2013, and it is expected to become 
an emerging force of projector light sources.
As a Japanese brand, Panasonic has finally been unable to hold back. In the fourth quarter of 2012, two new hybrid light source projectors were launched, 
which has achieved leap forward progress. According to reports, the two new hybrid light source projectors use DLP display technology, which can reach up to 
3000 ANSI lumens. Through the introduction of solid-state light source, it can achieve up to 20,000-30,000 hours of use time, which will save the user the 
cost and labor time of replacing the bulb.

According to the analysis, looking at the manufacturer's dynamics in 2012, it can be seen that the projection of a new light source has become another new 
blue ocean in the projection market. In order to cope with technological competition and brand competition, this year's “Taiwan brand” will be expected to 
rush to the new light source field, in order to maintain their dominant position in the new light source projection market and to stand in the highly 
competitive projection market. Under their efforts, the new light source of the projector will be rapidly promoted, and the revolution of the projector 
industry will be promoted, which will become the biggest attraction in the projection market in the future.



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