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Commonly used projector light sources are generally three types: traditional bulb light source, LED light source and laser light source. In recent years, 
the diversification of the domestic projection market has become more and more obvious. Business offices, cultural entertainment, education and training, 
households, etc., the demand for projection equipment in many markets is increasing, and the required projection equipment parts and consumables are needed. 
More, and for projectors, the projection source is the largest consumable.

The traditional projector bulb light source has not been eliminated after so many years, what are its benefits? There are several types of projector bulbs. 
The price of metal halide lamps is low and the life is short. Generally, it does not exceed 2000 hours. After 1000 hours, the brightness of the bulbs will be
 almost halved. Now it has gradually withdrawn from the projection bulbs. The UHE lamp is moderately priced. It is a kind of ultra-high pressure mercury 
lamp. It generally has a life of about 4000 hours. It is generally used in low-end projectors, and the brightness after long-term use will not be attenuated
 too much, and the performance is relatively smooth. The UHP lamp, which is also an ultra-high pressure mercury lamp, is a bit higher in price, but it has 
high brightness and long service life. It is mostly used in higher-end projection products. Now UHP lamps are also frequently appearing in home projection 
products and commercial projection products. The amount of use has been getting higher and higher.

On the whole, the biggest advantage of the traditional light bulb source is the balance of brightness and price. The brightness of the projector often 
determines the performance of a projection product. The brightness of the traditional bulb source is much higher than that of the LED source. It can reach 
more than 3000 lumens, and it is not as expensive as the laser source in terms of price. From this point of view, the bulb light source still has great 

The laser is a light source that uses the photoelectric effect to cause the excited state particles to emit light under the action of stimulated radiation. 
The laser source is completely different from the bulb source and the LED source. First, the color of the laser is very pure, and its monochromaticity is 
more than 10 times higher than that of an ordinary source. This makes the projection device of the laser light source far more powerful than the light source
 of the light source, and has strong stability. For long-term use, the image quality will maintain high brightness, color saturation and contrast, and the 
picture color will always be the same.
In addition, the laser is also excellent in brightness performance. By increasing the number of lasers, it is easy to achieve a single projector with a 
luminous flux of 10,000-50000 lumens or higher, and the lifetime of the light source is still high, and projection can be realized. The device does not need 
to be replaced with a light source during its useful life.

Laser light source is excellent in color performance, brightness and life, but the cost of laser light source is indeed high. Laser projectors can only 
appear in the high-end market, and it is also the main market for laser projectors. the reason.

On the whole, the three light sources have their own advantages. Because of its mature development, easy replacement, and good brightness, the light source 
has a place in the current projection market, but the future development prospects are general. The light weight and durability of LED light sources make 
them widely used in the micro-projection and home projection markets. The laser source has shown great strength in terms of performance and stability. Among 
the three light sources, the laser light source has greater development potential and better performance. In the future projection market, the laser light 
source is likely to become the main force of the projection light source.


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