A brief history of laser development 1

1917 - Einstein proposed the theory of "stimulated launch" and the birth of laser theory.
1957 - Gordon Gould coined the word "laser" and theoretically pointed out that light can be used to excite atoms.

1960 - Theodore Maiman of the Hughes Laboratory in California, USA, implemented the first laser.

1962 - Former Soviet scientist Nikola Bassov invents semiconductor diode lasers, which are today's small commercial lasers.

1971 - British physicist Dennis Gabor won the Nobel Prize for his research on holographic imaging.

1975 - IBM launches the first commercial laser printer.

1978 - Philips produced the first laser disc player, referred to as LD.

1988 - The first fiber was set up between North America and Europe, using light pulses to transmit data.

1991 - The first laser treatment of myopia, the first use of laser guided missiles in the Gulf War.

1996 - Toshiba introduced a digital versatile disc player, which is what we often call a DVD player.


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